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Brent K.

Brent's hobbies and interests, in part, include oil painting, vocal and instrumental music, cinematography, poetry, camping, and layout and design. He has one son, several brothers, several sisters-in-law, and multiple nieces and nephews. He is a professional educator.

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LDS Reviews 4 Movies began in October 2005. A message boarder on a web site for the movie "The Work and the Glory: American Zion" with a primarily LDS faith-based crew suggested creating a movie review web site targeted to an LDS audience. A huge thanks goes to that poster, or this web site would likely not exist. There are other excellent content review sites. However, many of these review only "mainstream" films. LDS Reviews 4 Movies seeks to review independent and lesser known films.

Mission Statement

The mission of LDS Reviews 4 Movies is to inform movie viewers of content to assist and guide them in their choices of appropriate films for them and their families. We acknowledge that individuals have varying standards and that viewing decisions ultimately reside within the consciences and hearts of the individual viewers. It is our intent and goal to outline movies which would educate and inspire toward that which enlightens, beautifies, comforts, heals, humors, wholesomely entertains and otherwise edifies. We wish you the best in all your movie viewing moments.

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This organization "LDS Reviews 4 Movies", while containing the term "LDS," is an independent enterprise. It is intended only as a guide and not to be misconstrued as an official pronouncement of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ultimately, the decision process comes down to the individual who views the film, movie or other form of media. As one person stated, "You are your own best critic." The opinions expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the party expressing them.

Furthermore, although categorized as a non-profit agency, the independent enterpriser and creator of this site, will neither intentionally solicit or accept monetary compensation of any kind in connection with this site.

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